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Alinviaggi is an experienced and qualified travel agency with a long background. Since 1982 it work mainly on tailored out trips, designed and managed in order to fully satisfy the clients’ demand and the expectations. The choice to work with small groups and direct relationships with trustable and experienced local correspondents, is guarantee of an “artisan” quality and attention to the details, not easy to find – not for sure among the big tour operators. The 40 years-long experience in flights management – a more and more complicated and difficult world – makes the final difference.

OOS and CAMPO BASE together for the year’s outdoor event. Culture, people, films, presentations, displays, activities offered by the best OOS Guides inside and outside TONES TEATRO NATURA in Oira, Crevoladossola (VB). A must-attend event, to see and to experience.

MONVISO OUTDOOR and OSSOLA OUTDOOR SCHOOL exchange ideas, opinions and strategies for a common challenge: to fight for a better world thanks to outdoor activites, to offer to new generations a link with the territory and nature, to promotethe territory with non-invasive approach and, last but not least, to fight for legality, promoting professional, certified Guide, with full respect for the competition.

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